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Frozen vegetables

IQF mixed vegetables

IQF mixed vegetables


Specifications of IQF mixed vegetables

1.General description:

Mixed vegetables,contain 35% of IQF broccoli florets,35% of IQF cauliflower florets,30% of IQF carrot crinkle dice.Trimmed,washed,blanched,cooled

The product are produced according to good manufacturing procedure (HACCP systems) and is metal detected.

2.General requirements:

The products have to be free from preservatives and other additives,

According to the regulation stated in the EEC legislation and USDA and FSANZ Food standards code/

Well peeled carrot,well sorted broccoli and cauliflower, typical color of these products, characteristic flavour and taste, without residues, without damaged or rotten ones, without foreign substance.

3. Parameters of aproval:

Size: 20-40,30-50,40-60mm for broccoli and cauliflower,

Colour: typical color of these products

Taste and flavour: typical, sound, ripe products.

Skins: absent

Foreign bodies and others: absent

4.Microbiological conditions:

Total plate count: max. 2000 C.F.U. per gram

Yeast: max. 200 C.F.U. per gram

Mould: max. 200 C.F.U. per gram

Pathogenic bacterial: absent per gram

E-coli: absent

Salmonella: absent

5. Packaging:

As agreed by contract

General packaging is 10kgx1 per carton with clear inner polybags.

6. Shelf life:

2 years from production.

7. Stored and Transport:

cleanly stored and transported at or under temperature of minus 18 DC.

The stowage of the goods must not cause any damage on the goods or packaging..     

Sufficient cold air circulation in the car/container is guaranteed under any circumstances.

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